Frequently Asked Questions
What is needed to enter the store and purchase cannabis?

We require two forms of ID (one government issued, photo ID and a secondary ID with your name on it).

Why is cannabis in packaging now instead of measured out on scales like before?

Due to regulations, we are only allowed to sell cannabis in approved packaging from Federally Licensed Producers and Processors. We do not foresee the return of measuring out of cannabis flower on scales at retail locations due to Health Canada concerns.

Why have cannabis taxes changed?

New tax regimes for cannabis changed upon the implementation of legalization in Canada. If we want to change the amount of tax charged on cannabis we must voice our concerns to the Provincial and Federal Government.

The PST on Vapour Products is 20% and the GST on Vapour Products is calculated on the combined amount of the vape cartridge price + 20% Vape Tax.

Yes, that is correct, the Federal Government of Canada Taxes the Provincial Tax on Vape Carts. This is the only product in Canada handled this way in terms of taxation and in our opinion this is unjust. Alcohol is not treated this way and Alcohol is a lethal substance, Cannabis is not. If you think this is unfair please email your local Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA).

I don’t recognize any of the strains anymore, what happened?

Some strain names are copyrighted and others are not deemed acceptable by our health authorities. As a result, Licensed Producers have developed new strain names which are associated with the chemical varieties they are cultivating.

If I like a particular cannabis strain can I get it in the future?

Most likely yes, but it depends on the priorities of the producer. If a particular strain is not selling well producers make decisions to either reduce that production volume or replace it entirely with a new strain.

What is the difference between a “Hybrid“ and a “Blend“?

A Hybrid refers to a cannabis strain that is not viewed as a Indica or Sativa specifically but a cross of these chemical varieties hence the word “Hybrid”. A Blend is a product that contains material from an Indica plant and a Sativa plant. Sometimes cultivators will for instance add ground Indica flower and Sativa flower together in a Pre-Roll product for example. However a Blend may also mean that the product may have individual Sativa Pre-Rolls and individual Indica Pre-Rolls within the same package which also qualifies as a “Blend”. Similar examples may apply to Cannabis Flower, Extracts, Edibles and Vape Cartridges.

Is there a limit to what I can purchase?

Yes, you can only purchase the equivalent of 30 grams of cannabis flower at a single time or its equivalent in cannabis oil per Canadian regulations. If we want to change this, we need to voice our opinions with Health Canada and support elected officials who can help us make a change to the law.

I have a medical condition, can you tell me what cannabis products can help my condition?

No, since we are not trained medical professionals, we cannot make a claim as to what the effects are or will be, particularly when referencing individual medical conditions. People’s biology interpret cannabinoids differently, therefore, one should consult their physician before using cannabis.

Can I return cannabis products I don’t like?

According to provincial regulation around cannabis sales, all cannabis purchases are considered final sales, except when the product is damaged/defective (expired, mouldy, or damaged in transit) or recalled. If there are any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at to let us know your thoughts on the product.

Can I reuse cannabis packaging when I come back to the store?

No, sadly there is a lot of waste with current packaging standards. However, we do provide in store recycling for your convenience.

What can I do to change the taxes on cannabis and reduce the waste caused by cannabis packaging?

Reach out to Health Canada and your local health authority to express your concerns. It may also be worth bringing up to the BC Liquor Distribution Branch, which is the provincial wholesaler of cannabis.

I wanted to talk further with a salesperson but the store was too busy. Is there an alternative way I can get more help?

Yes, you can book a time with a sales consultant by sending us a message via our contact page. Please indicate times you are able to visit the store so we can ensure one of our knowledgeable staff can help you.

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