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THIS POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED – Closing Shift Supervisor

About Sunrise Cannabis

Proudly serving East Vancouver since 2015, Sunrise Cannabis remains one of the few legacy organizations that have transitioned to the regulated market and have been an active participant in promoting legalization in Canada.

Having deep roots in the craft cannabis industry, our interest is and has always been to provide helpful cannabis knowledge to the general public so they can make informed decisions about cannabis and cannabis related products.

We don’t own liquor stores, restaurants chains, nor are we a part of some publicly traded stock. Simply stated, we are connoisseurs of the best cannabis there is to offer and we want our customers to feel like they matter when they choose to shop with us.

Job Description

**Any candidate for a supervisor or management title will first be tested as a sales associate; we must see how one performs under pressure and in a front facing role before we can make a qualified decision on a leadership position**

1. Provides exceptional customer service and retail experience to a broad range of customer types in a highly consultative sales environment.

2. Develops customer relationships, first point of contact for all customers and is the subject matter expert for customers.

3. Builds and maintains cannabis knowledge and stays current with industry research and trends.

4. Provides accurate product information to customers and assists them throughout their visits, demonstrating knowledge of product selection, suitability, information, technical and general product types.

5. Ensures the retail environment is clean, welcoming, well stocked and professional in appearance with strategically placed displays to ensure exceptional customer experience.

6. Can operate point-of-sale devices, organize product displays and train other store staff as required.

7. Performs other related duties.

8. Demonstrates a positive, helpful and professional attitude.

9. Must be comfortable leading others, delegating tasks and following up upon completion. Tracking arrival times and communicating store policy to customers and employees.

10. Creates and maintains relationships with brand representatives.

11. Takes pride in being an ambassador of Sunrise Cannabis outside of work and maintains a respectful manner in public personal life.

Your Background

We prefer you have a passion for cannabis, excellent communication skills, positive energy and a willingness to learn, train others, and achieve results.

Accountability: Whether it is showing up for your shift rested and ready to engage with customers, knowing the product you are selling or performing tasks well, we expect every member of our team to have a deep sense of accountability.

Cooperation: Respect from team members comes from a willingness to cooperate with others particularly when it’s crunch time. Leading by example is a must.

Communication: We encourage feedback in the pursuit of providing optimal service to our patrons and we do our best to reward those who have our back.

Your Qualifications

Cannabis knowledge and experienced consumption is a must.

BC Selling It Right Certificate

Previous experience in the cannabis industry and cannabis specific accreditations is a plus but not necessary.

Language: English. Fluency in other languages, including Mandarin, an asset.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Permanent

Salary: $18.00-$24.00 per hour – Promotion to manager position potential.

COVID-19 considerations:
To keep our staff as safe as possible we provide masks, social distancing markers and other sanitation supplies.

Interested in this position?

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