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EST. 33.51 % THC
Triangle Kush X ’88 G13 Hashplant
Black Triangle is a strain with long, tapered buds and long, tapering stems. When given the expert hand of experienced growers, it offers olive-green flowers, long amber pistils and is adorned with a thick, shimmering coat of frosted white trichomes. ShuCanna’s Black Triangle is one of the few hybrid cannabis strains that is, for the most part,100% indica. It has a usually quite high THC level, and its terpene profile shows myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene at the top of the list. Its spicy aroma is accompanied by citrus notes and accents of fresh vanilla and pungent earth. Its flavor is sweet, earthy and vanilla with a touch of lemony pine. The effects of the Black Triangle would be rather long-lasting, being felt as much in the body as in the spirit. The high would bring a euphoria and a state of potential well-being, free of negative thoughts. The effect could then leave in a state of possible drowsiness.

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